Exitdesign at the Beijing Design Week (BJDW)

Finishing the installation of the exhibition “Barcelona, a future inspired by design” at the Beijing Design Week…

Ahir, Avui, Demà. Catalunya Emprèn

Concept, design, integrating contents, space design, installation and production of the entire exhibition.

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Barcelona Economic Portrait

Art direction, production and photography of an images bank

Centre d’interpretació Lluís Companys

Design and production of the Lluís Companys Interpretation Centre

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Barcelona Glòries Exhibition at New York Centre for Architecture

Design and production of the exhibition at the Centre for Architecture - AIA New York.

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Fira Barcelona. Corporate Website

We design and develop the Fira Barcelona corporate website

London Capital corporate headquarters

Interior design of the London Capital corporate headquarters in Barcelona

Mancomunitat de Catalunya. L'inici del demà: 100 anys

Concept, design, and contents of the exhibition project commemorating the centenary of the Mancomunitat of Catalonia.

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“New Espai Barça” Exhibition

The exhibition, developed in its entirety by EXITDESIGN, offers a tour around the history of the playing fields, explaining the shortfalls of today’s Camp Nou and the value of the new project.

Barcelona at the WUF7 Medellin

Concept, design, integrating contents and production of the installation to communicate Barcelona City Council’s new strategic plan at the 7th session of the World Urban Forum Edition in Medellin